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The most beautiful women’s clothes: shop at POM Amsterdam

Want some inspiration? Is your wardrobe in need of an upgrade? Looking for the perfect combination of feminine and businesswear for your business meetings? Searching for something casual for your daytime look? Or perhaps for that perfect party outfit? You name it, POM Amsterdam has got it. Flared pants, a long skirt, a cool sweater or beautiful dresses: with POM Amsterdam every woman can find an outfit in line with the latest trends. Start every day with a smile, being your best dressed self.

Dress like a celebrity: it's possible!

Do you want to sparkle like a celebrity? You can! POM Amsterdam has a stunning collection, inspired by the famous Dutch Actress/Presenter: Katja Schuurman. This clothing line is cheerful, colorful, feminine, outspoken and gives you strength. The hand-painted prints – designed by POM's founding sisters Liesbeth & Violet - are based on colorful stories by, among others, Katja. Get inspired by the new women's clothing from Katja and POM Amsterdam.

Man, I feel like a woman!

Femininity is the ultimate form of sophistication. The clothing from POM Amsterdam accentuates your femininity. What could be better than comfortable clothing that brings out your feminine features. Stylish trousers, luxurious blouses and playful dresses made of rich fabrics and materials. These items will all show your feminine side. Show your beauty!

Sustainable clothing: buy less, choose well

Sustainability is a priority for POM Amsterdam. Our clothing is mostly made from natural fabrics. We ensure good working conditions under which our clothing is made, and only use high quality fabrics when producing our clothes. Contribute to a better world and choose unique, sustainable fashion items that last a long time. Quality over quantity! Shop the latest sustainable must-haves at POM Amsterdam.


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