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frequently asked questions

1) Can I only buy my POM online? Or can I also buy a POM offline? You can buy your POM in our webshop or visit one of our ~500 retailers in the Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, Denmark & France. On our webshop, you will find our full collection.

2) I have a question, how can I reach POM Amsterdam?
You can either send an e-mail or call us: info@POM |
+31 20 341 88 22 3

3) I bought a POM via your webshop, can I return or exchange it for another shawl?
Yes you can! Please check the return policy which has been sent along with your order.

4) I have bought a POM in one of the retail stores, can I return it directly to POM Amsterdam?
No, you should bring the POM back to the store the POM was bought.

5) If I want to buy a POM online? How can I find out whether it is a thick/warm shawl or if it is thinner?
We do our best to describe the shawls as clear as possible, by adding detailed pictures we try to give an idea of the materials of the shawl. However, if you have any questions: please don't hesitate to contact our customer service.

6) How should I treat my POM? Can I put it in the washing machine?
Never put a POM in the washing machine! Check the hangtag how to take care of it. More information about cleaning your POM can als be found under Quality Care.

7) Can I iron my POM?
Most of our fabrics can be ironed, please check the hangtag on your POM. We advise you not to iron the trim or ribbon band on the POM. More information on ironing you POM can be found under quality care.

8) I have a voucher code. Can I use it in combination with my POM points?
No, this is not possible. But the quantity discount of 5 € or 10 € is independent. That means you still get this discount in combination with your POM points or your voucher code.

9) I received a POM as a present, however I prefer another shawl. Can I exchange it?
If the person who gave the present to you bought it in an offline store you should check with the store. If he/she bought it from our POM webshop it is no problem to exchange your shawl! Please check our return policy

10) How can I wear my POM?
You can wear a POM in many different ways! Check here!