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Send your friends and family a special POM postcard! You may not have seen some of your friends and family for a while. Surprise them with a special postcard with a warm message from you. POM has created cool postcards, which you can colour and send to your best friend, aunt or grandparents.

Click here for your King's Day gadgets

Join us for an intimate King’s Day Celebration!
Although we normally celebrate King’s Day extensively in the Netherlands on 27th April - we fill the streets with music, dance, cotton candy and orange - this year we are looking for more intimate celebration options at home. But that won’t spoil the fun! Create your own King’s Day gadgets with your kids.

Click here for colouring pages

Are you up for a bit of relaxation and piece at home for a change? Colouring can be very soothing, for young and old.We changed our prints into colouring pages, full of luck. We are curious to see your beautiful creations!

Click here for instructions and template.

Colouring eggs can be magical. With a lot of fun and a bit of imagination you can turn them into anything! Design colourful eggs by using our fun POM prints. Your eggs will be bursting of luck!

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What can you make out of your pompoms? Challenge your creativity and follow your imagination. Use them as decoration or turn them into fantasy animals.

Click here for all images. Save it, print it out and design your own POM suit!

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