Our Spring/Summer '23 Collection 'EXPRESSIONS OF WONDER' welcomes you to the playful, free-spirited world of creativity and self-expressionism, where anything goes. Dare to imagine, exaggerate, celebrate and... show yourself to the world. Feel free to reveal your beautiful wonders in all its forms and shapes.

Our bold fashion pieces enable you to reflect your true colourful self and all that you dream of. This collection easily transitions between feminine silhouettes and tomboy-chic looks. Think extravagant prints on satin maxi dresses and oversized designed suits. Add a personal bohemian signature with romantic ruffles and embroidery.

collection and POM Amsterdam's mission to encourage women in showing their true colours, go hand in hand. Don't hold back in showing your unique, colourful self: Dare to be Colourful.
Daring to fully express your wonders, is what this collection essentially stands for."

Founder & Creative Director

"This season's trends are all about expressing yourself in your own statement style. Everything is allowed - whether this is through a feminine silhouette, oversized tomboy-chic look or in full extravagance. Create your own summer statement with POM's printed power suits, oversized collars, shiny satin maxi dresses and quilt-crafted jackets."

Founder & Commercial Director