Jeans: the all-time favourite essential!

Whether spring, summer, autumn or winter: the perfect jeans are indispensable. After all, jeans are suitable for every occasion. You could wear wide fit jeans while spending a day in the city- or a pair of black skinny jeans are also great at work, combined with a white blouse and brightly coloured heels. Or even shop for a pair of beautiful white jeans, the classic that’s always possible! POM helps you put together the perfect outfit. For example, wear denim jeans and combine it with a striking top in a cool print and/or colour and you’re ready to rock! In need of new jeans? Shop yours now at POM Amsterdam!

Always on trend: the flared pants

Flared trousers are hot and happening. Spotted at Lois Jeans, Tommy Jeans and Levi's. But you will find the real must-have flared jeans at POM Amsterdam. Dark blue, light blue or black flared jeans ensure that your feminine features come out perfectly. No inspiration for your date tonight? You can never go wrong with a pair of flared jeans. Show off your curves and shine!

Everybody loves jeans

The eternal classic that always remains beautiful: the jeans. POM Amsterdam has a series of jeans that you can’t find anywhere else. Be unique, be POM! These classic jeans give you a beautiful casual look! The light blue straight fit jeans give the ultimate nineties vibe, while the white jeans match the classic cote d'azur look. And not to forget, our black jeans are guaranteed your new everyday favourite! POM has it all! Combine our denim jeans with a nice blazer for a sophisticated look or combine it with a floral blouse to be picture-perfect POM. Cool sneakers underneath or an elegant pair of heels and you're ready to go. We can't wait to see you shine in one of our jeans. Discover what we have in store for you this season!

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