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Essentials for your wardrobe : from blue jeans to white blouse

Go for new adventures wearing the POM essentials! Your wardrobe always has room for basic items; Flared trousers, jeans, white blouses, a silky warm sweater or a classy black dress; all clothing must-haves that should not be missing in a good wardrobe. These essentials certainly don't have to make for a boring outfit. POM is of course known for its unique and bright prints. And to make those statement items stand out, you definitely need a few basic items. Combine a little black dress with a striking, floral scarf or wear one of our unique printed pants with a beautiful basic white top. Start every day with a smile, being your best dressed self.

The black suit suits you!

Our black suit is the perfect essential. A fashionable fit with an oversized blazer and flared trousers. The dress suit is timeless classic, and we’re confident you’ll never be bored with wearing this black suit as a staple piece in your wardrobe.

Complete the look with a basic POM top or sweater!

Femininity is the ultimate form of sophistication. The clothing of POM Amsterdam accentuates your femininity. And that starts with the basics: our basic tops. What could be better than a basic shirt that you can combine with everything. A white top with a high neck, a black shirt with short sleeves or a white shirt with unique details at the neckline. Your washing machine is constantly running because you prefer to wear these items every day. Show off your beauty in an essential shirt. And you can also go through the winter months in style with the jumpers from POM. From a silky soft pink sweater to a black pullover.

Dress to impress in a basic dress

Do you stand in front of the mirror every morning with absolutely no idea what to wear next? With the essentials from POM, this struggle is now a thing of the past. Wear one of the basic dresses from POM and you are ready to go. For example, you can combine a black dress with a striking POM scarf, cool boots or a brightly colored belt. A black maxi dress or mini dress: POM has it all. Long or short sleeves. Timeless and high quality. What more do you want in a dress? With a number of essential basic items you won’t second guess finding the perfect outfit for every occasion. Prefer something other than black? Go for our dark blue midi dress! Be inspired by all the essentials from POM Amsterdam.

The ultimate classic? The white shirt or the black blouse!

The white blouse is always possible! Winter or Summer, formal or casual. In white, the shirt is easy to combine with classic trousers, a floral print skirt or black leather pants. Or go for the elegant black blouse with striking sleeves. A classic for every occasion. The white and black tops from POM are made for you. With a wide fit or a slim fit, shop your favorite basic blouse at POM Amsterdam!

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