POM Story

Since 2011, the sisters behind the POM Amsterdam brand, Liesbeth and Violet Lotgering, have been making high-quality scarves and clothing that really makes women happy. Your own 'Piece of Mine' that gives you that spark. The collections consist of elegant and feminine styles, characterised by powerful and contrasting colours, pronounced prints, nice details and the use of fine and natural fabrics. The sisters design all prints and fashion items themselves. The prints tell a unique story and are hand-painted by Violet at the colourful studio in Amsterdam. With more than 800 points of sale worldwide, the brand has become a huge success.
Liesbeth and Violet are so different yet so complementary. Violet's creativity and conceptual way of thinking, combined with Liesbeth's strategic and commercial capacities, makes them a strong team. Combining their successful business and young families at home is top sport. As sisters, they know exactly when to give each other space or to keep each other on their toes, both in private and in business.
Liesbeth and Violet are sisters, born in an entrepreneurial family. Their grandfather was the founder of the well-known Royal Talens oil paint. Creativity and entrepreneurship flow through their veins. They share a passion to create beautiful things, to continue to challenge themselves and to surprise others. Their different characters, insights and interests merge into beautiful creations. POM Amsterdam is a family business. In addition to the involvement of their own family members, the POM team has grown from a small group of passionate people into one big 'happy family'. The sisters are happy to give everyone a voice in the collection. "So many people with so much sense of style."