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quality care


All our products are expertly fabricated by contracted suppliers who cut, sew and finish our creations. Every product feels and looks differently because we use a variety of materials, such as wool, cotton, viscose, silk and acryl. We try to make this as clear as possible by using detailed images and descriptions on our website. However, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our customer service! (+ 31 20 341 88 23)

Woven qualities

Most of our products are woven. This means that the shawls have two sides, so you can wear them with both sides.

Printed qualities
Our cupro and silk collections are always printed which makes it possible to use intense colours. On the other side of the fabric is a lighter version of the print.

Please always check the washing instructions on the hangtag of your shawl. Never put you POM in the washing machine!

Silk shawls: dry clean only
Other shawls: hand wash

You can iron most of our shawls, but never iron the trim/ribbon/hemming! If you have any questions relating to the care of your POM, don't hesitate to contact our customer service! "

Fine and fair

We place sustainability and fair entrepreneurship high on our agenda. We operate with care for people, animals and nature, and we continuously look at ways to improve the way we do business. 

Mindful manufacturing

POM Amsterdam mainly works with natural fabrics. Fabrics that are kind to your skin and nature. Like  the vegan fabric Cupro: a fantastic material we love to work with. The fabric is made of the leftover seeds of the cotton plant and leaves a smaller environmental footprint. Cupro items are incredibly soft - they breathe like cotton and feel like silk. We are committed to design and produce high quality items that last long and are therefore more durable.

Our factories are carefully selected. We work with manufacturers that are certified and/or meet our standards in social labour circumstances. We have strong and trustful relationships with our factories; we pay an honest price and visit them frequently to ensure that the quality of working conditions are met.