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Surprise your loved ones with our fashion gift card

POM is the best gift you can give! Would you like to give a little something to your mother? Looking for a birthday present for your sister? Or a fashion gift for your girlfriend? What could be more fun than giving a gift card from POM Amsterdam. From a tiny present to showstopper! With the gift vouchers from POM you determine the value yourself. Surprise your loved ones with the best present you can give (and get)!

POM gift card: the ultimate present

From a beautiful blouse, to a unique scarf or must have sweater, the options are endless. No inspiration or looking for a last minute gift? Choose a clothing gift voucher from POM. There’s nothing more fun than getting a gift card and letting the recipient choose their personal favourite. You can take your pick of the gift! Are you in a hurry and in need of a stylish present? Use your gift card from POM. Enjoy the little moments!

Let life surprise you with our gift cards

Surprise, surprise! What could be more fun than a totally unexpected surprise? You can give a webshop gift card from POM personally. The best things happen unexpectedly! You choose the amount you want to give, starting from €15. The only thing you have to give sometimes, is a little surprise!

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