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On our webshop, we want to help our customers make a sustainable choice with the help of our more sustainable label. We also clearly show per item what the material is, where it is made, and we give insight into the working conditions of the production process. Below is an overview of the various criteria and labels that we use to assess our products.

Neutral Co2 Emission

We will ship all packages from our distribution center to the end consumer in a climate-neutral manner. We do this through DHL's "Go Green" program, which invests in electric vehicles and offsets CO2 emissions.


ECOTEC is an exclusive process that transforms production waste from weaving and knitting companies into new yarns. The yarns have much less impact on the environment*: 46.6% reduction in the greenhouse effect46 .9% energy savings61.6% water consumption throughout the process*these figures are based on LCA (life cycle analysis, certified by ICEA).

Birla Livaeco

This product contains Birla Livaeco, a sustainable and FSC-certified fabric made from natural wood cellulose. This renewable material comes from sustainably managed forests. No pesticides or fertilizers are used in the forests. Viscose is manufactured in a closed loop system, minimizing the use of chemicals, water and energy.

Birla Modal

This product contains Birla Modal. This sustainable fabric comes from beech wood pulp, which is harvested from natural and 100% renewable forests. Viscose fiber is superior in terms of low water intensity, land use efficiency and circularity. Therefore, it has less impact on the environment.

Leather Working Group

Le certificat d'or du Leather Working Group (LWG) est la principale certification environnementale pour l'industrie de la fabrication du cuir, évaluant la chaîne d'approvisionnement (utilisation de l'eau et de l'énergie, gestion des déchets et des produits chimiques, santé et sécurité). Le cuir vient d'Allemagne et les produits sont fabriqués aux Pays-Bas.

Lenzing Tencel

Lenzing Tencel is made from sustainably harvested eucalyptus wood and cellulose. This tree grows quickly without the need for irrigation, pesticides, fertilizers or genetic engineering. The fiber yield per hectare is up to 10 times higher than that of cotton and requires up to 20 times less water.

Lenzing Modal

This product contains Modal LENZING. This durable fabric is mainly made of beech wood pulp transformed into vegetable fibers. The raw materials, beech wood trees, are harvested both from natural forests and from sustainably managed plantations. Therefore, it has less impact on the environment.

Organic Content Standard

The Organic Content Standard (OCS) applies to non-food products containing 95-100% organic material. This involves verifying the presence and quantity of biological material in a final product and the path taken by the raw materials from source to product.

Oeko-Tex Certified

An Oeko-Tex certified fabric does not contain harmful substances.

FSC certified

This product contains FSC-certified viscose yarn, which makes it possible to take into account ecological, social and economic aspects.

Contient du Cupro

This product contains cupro with a GRS product standard that ensures supply chain verification, social responsibility, environmental regulations and chemical restrictions. Cupro is an ecological and biodegradable fabric produced from leftover cotton seeds.

Lenzing™ Ecovero™

This product contains LLENZING™ ECOVERO™, viscose fibers derived from sustainable wood from a certified source. It generates up to 50% less emissions and less impact on water, compared to other viscoses.

Sustainable packaging

Our products are packaged and shipped with durable packaging materials.

Recycled Polyester

This product contains recycled polyester. Recycled polyester extends the life of non-biodegradable fabrics. Recycled polyester requires 50% less energy and reduces CO2 emissions by 30% compared to new polyester.

Organic Cotton

This product contains organic cotton. Organic cotton is safely grown and processed without toxic dyes and chemicals.

Gots Certified

The GOTS certificate (Global Organic Textile Standard) guarantees the use of textiles from organic farming and that production is carried out in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. GOTS examines the entire production chain, from harvesting, to production, to processing, to end up with sustainable clothing.

Made in Europe

This product is made in Europe. By producing closer to our distribution center, we seek to reduce transport emissions as much as possible.

Certified Production Companies

Our products are manufactured in certified factories, such as BSCI or Sedex, or are manufactured in the Netherlands under the supervision of our production team. The BSCI helps companies to promote social responsibility and working conditions in factories throughout the production chain. The BSCI implements the principle of international labor standards that protect the rights of workers.



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